Sunday, April 17, 2011

Losing a Real Star

One of the participants spoke about his Channel Partner, who would do all his business through the participant.  Competitors kept targeting the partner.  Over a period of time, the partner started doing a lot of business with the others.

Effectively, the participant's 'Star under Control' or 'Real Star' had become a 'Co-Star'.  This is the left-to-right transition (red arrow) along the grid that I explain in the presentation.  That is obviously bad for you. Some transition is unavoidable.  But you need to minimise such transition.

Besides, you need to engineer the down-to-up proactive moves (green arrow) along the grid.  Thus, while some 'Star under Control' or 'Real Star' transition to being 'Co-Star', ensure you are able to move some 'Star?' and 'Opportunity' upwards.  This would ensure that you have a healthy mix of 'stable business' and 'competitive business'.